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Dunlop Nickel Wound Electric Bass Guitar Strings

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents the Dunlop Nickel Wound Electric Bass Strings. 

Growling Midrange, Rich Harmonics, and Solid Fundamental

Get thundering lows and a fat, warm tone with Dunlop DBN45105XL nickel-wound bass strings. Dunlop bass strings are used by professionals the world over. They’re perfect for traditionalists, pick players, slappers, and anyone who wants a fat bass tone with growling midrange, rich harmonics, and a solid fundamental. The Dunlop DBN45105XL bass strings use a carefully selected core-to-wrap ratio for comfortable low tension, minimal break-in, and extremely long life. Each set is meticulously balanced string-to-string and delivers a truly impressive dynamic range. Sweetwater’s advice is this: Grab a set of Dunlop DBN45105XL nickel-wound bass strings today. You’ll hear — and feel — the difference.