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Drum Dots

Drum Dots Ring Control - Mini 6 Pack

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents the Drum Dots Ring Control in a pack of 6 Minis.

Drum Dots are designed to reduce the over-ring without muffling your tone. The secret is in the V-Tem polymer, precision-molded into the carefully engineered Drum Dot shape.  It is this combination of material and design that offers superior performance in every situation. For use on any drum head, cymbal, or cowbell.


  • Reduce the over-ring without over muting the natural strike tone of your drum. These won't fall off during performance or leave residue.
  • Can be used on any head on your drum kit, even vertical and upside down, providing limitless versatility
  • Are reusable and renewable. If they get dirty, rub with a drop of baby oil, then wash with soap and water. Good as NEW!
  • Never lose their shape, or melt; on stage or in the package.

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