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Bogner Shiva Head 117 - 90 Watts With Matching Cab - 20th Anniversary Edition Cream

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Bogner Shiva Head 117 - 90 Watts with Matching Cab.

With a new look, added features and newly voiced channels the 20th Anniversary Shiva is the most versatile model yet! Featuring a pair of KT88's the amp is rated at 90 watts. The clean channel has an entire new boost circuit with it's separate gain stage which unlike the "tone stack bypass" boost on the other Shiva models keeps the tone controls active all the time. The Shift button will shift the EQ; when pushed in you get a more mellow tone, less mids softer feel. The Mode button if pushed in will give you a more aggressive in your face feel. A power amp dampening control was added on the back panel. This control is labeled Excursion and is great to dial in a full sound at low volumes or to adjust the right balanced bass to a cabinet and room size.

Serial Number: 0791441

Condition: Excellent

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