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1961 Fender Concert Amp

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1961 Fender Concert Amp.

The Fender Concert Amp is one of the rarer Fender 4x10's made only for a few short years and resurrected again in the 1980s.

This amp is covered in rough brown Tolex, the first iteration of the browns that Fender used and has a worn dark maroon grill cloth. The Tolex (a product of General Tire-used on Fender amps and Hearses) has been poorly painted in black.

It has had its speakers replaced and now sports four Mojo Tone speakers. Featuring four 10" speakers, larger and more robust transformers than its 2x10 counterparts of the era, and 40 watts of power, this amp packs a punch! This amp has an extra hole in the back panel but was recently serviced to its original cicuitry. In short, it rips, tons of clean headroom with a smooth overdrive about the 4-5 mark. Comes with a non original footswitch. The tremolo in this amp is one of the best ever made. 

All photos are of the amp itself and are not stock photos.

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