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Dr. Z

2010 Dr. Z Monza Amp Head

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 2010 Dr. Z Monza Amp Head.

This Dr. Z Monza originally featured 3 knobs but the previous owner sent it back to Dr. Z to convert to the 4 knob design with an added master volume. The result is a killer sounding amp with tons of gain under the hood.

From the Dr. Z Website: 

The Monza is a gain and sustain monster. It excels at giving your fingers back what they put in with the feel and response of an amp 5x its power. Chords ring strong while single notes rise and bloom. It’s like harnessing the power and response of a 100 watt stack without clearing the first 20 rows.

The Monza features Volume, Drive,Tone, and Master controls. This isn’t your traditional master volume set up. The volume controls the clean to dirt range while the drive adds more sustain and depth as you turn it up. Notes just keep getting bigger and bigger. With Drive and Volume at 12:00 you get a brilliant gain sound that is effortless to play. The Monza is very touch sensitive to pick dynamics and backing off the volume on your guitar for a great clean sound. Turning the volume and drive up to higher levels will bring on an excellent fuzz face type drive that will collapse and bloom with no need for pedals. To put it simply, you’ll have a very broad range of gain sounds at your fingertips with just a guitar, amp, and cable. With the master volume control you can have your sound in the bedroom, the studio, and the stage.

Condition: Excellent

Serial Number: U.30170

*This amp is on consignment so please, no trades. 

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