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1964 Vox AC-30/6 Bass

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1964 Vox AC-30/6 Bass.

Just in is this classic Vox JMI Top Boost AC-30. This amp has all the right stuff when it comes to vintage AC-30s: The original covering and brown grill cloth (changed in '64), all original transformers, and even the egg-shaped tremolo footswitch (which often gets misplaced). This amp also has the original Grey Alnico Celestion G-12 "Lead Cone" speakers, which are arguably the greatest 12" speakers ever made.

Some of the finest artists of our time created legendary tone through an AC-30, everyone from the Beatles to Brian May have used AC-30s. This amp is a beast & features the "Bass" circuitry (the better of the 3 options) as evidenced by the red stamp on the chassis. It has a top boost which we believe may have been done after the factory.

We consulted with a few top-notch Vox amp gurus before servicing it with correct value capacitors & a fresh set of tubes. It is running at an optimal 220 volts with a transformer to convert it from 110 and again to achieve optimum tone. This amp has been played and the grill cloth is tattered & torn but underneath beats a strong rock & roll heart.

Serial Number: 07281

Condition: Excellent

These photos are of the actual amplifier, not stock images.

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