Value of a 1950's Fender Telecaster - Pre-CBS Guitars - Appraisal & Worth Information

Trying to find the value of your 1950's Fender Telecaster?

Garrett Park Guitars is a vintage guitar authority since 1991 and appraises instruments regularly for individuals as well as insurance companies.


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We buy vintage instruments and pay top dollar.  We may even come to you and buy your instrument.  We regularly travel to Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the rest of the US and Canada.

Below are some general values of 1950's Fender Telecasters.  These values are approximate and like the stock market, they fluctuate.  Some guitars will fetch more value or less value than what you see here.  The best option to know is to call us at 410-571-9660.

We have found that 1950's Fender Telecasters can range in value from $6,500 to $150,000.  There are many factors that go into that valuation and we can assist in finding the actual value of your instrument.  Consider the following:

  • Does your guitar have a serial number?
  • Have there been any modifications to your guitar?
  • What year was guitar made?
  • Does the truss rod work and adjust the neck properly?
  • Do you have the original case?
  • Are the pickups original?
  • What condition is it in?
  • What color is your guitar?
  • What are the pot codes?
  • What does the neck stamp say?
  • Is the pickguard cracked?
  • Are there missing parts?
  • Do the tuners work properly?
  • How is the neck angle?
  • Has the nut been replaced?
  • Do you have the original receipt?
  • Has the pickup cavity been routed?
  • Do you have the original paperwork or accessories?
  • Has the guitar been refretted?

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We Buy Guitars!

Garrett Park Guitars has been buying, selling, and trading vintage and high end guitars, basses, amps, and other gear for over 30 years in Annapolis, Maryland.

We evaluate every instrument based on their originality, condition, and the current market demand.

Guitar Seller FAQ's

How do I sell my guitar?

The first step in selling your guitar is to tell us some basic information by filling out the form below, calling us at 410-571-9660, or emailing

To sell your instrument, we'll need to know the make, model, serial number, and year. Once we get the information about selling your guitar, we'll ask for photos and condition of your guitar. Finally, we'll find a price that works for you. If we can't work out a price, we also offer customers the ability to consign their with us.

What will increase the value of my guitar?

In reality, the best thing you can do to make your guitar worth more is to leave it alone. Don't change the pickups, don't refinish blemishes, don't change the pots, and just leave the guitar in it's original condition. We suggest to gather any original documents such as bill of sale, paperwork such as hang tags or certificates, and make sure you locate the original case.

Should I have my guitar repaired?

If there's damage or parts needed for your guitar, we offer a full luthier service and can repair your instrument if it needs work before you sell it. Whether is just a simple restring, truss rod adjustment, neck set, crack repair, broken headstock, we can fix it.  Call us at 410-571-9660 to talk to our repair department.

These types of repairs are needed to get the guitar in original playable condition before it can be sold. Any work done to the guitar to "customize" it after the original sale can hurt the value.

When was my guitar made?

You can find when a guitar was made by finding the serial number and matching it with the manufacturer's records to find out when the guitar, amp, or bass was built.

Serial numbers can generally be found on the headstock of electric guitars, inside the sound hold or on the heel plate of acoustics, or inside the "f-hole" of hollowbody guitars.

  • Are you looking to sell?

    We travel all over the United States, Canada, etc, to source the finest vintage and rare instruments to bring to players and collectors all over the world.

  • What we need.

    We'll need some basic information to sell your instrument such as make, model, serial number, and year, etc. We will then ask for photos and the condition of your guitar you want to sell.

  • We'll Come To You!

    Shipping a guitar can be tricky and always comes with risk. That's why, if the guitar is right, we'll come to you with cash and bring it back with us in person.

Garrett Park Guitars

We buy vintage instruments and pay top dollar.  We may even come to you and buy your instrument.  We regularly travel to Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the rest of the US and Canada.

We'd be happy to answer any questions and help you determine the value of your instrument.  Contact us:


Phone:  410-571-9660