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Joyo JP-04 Power Supply

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Joyo JP-04 Power Supply.

Have you ever found the strange noises jumping out of nowhere when using several pedals together? The biggest reason that produces such an annoying sound is that pedals are connected in a parallel mode. With such parallel connection, each pedal forms a ground loop, which brings the noises from other magnetic fields into the signal path and all the other pedals are interfered and become unstable. To solve this problem, all need to do is to get rid of the ground loop and make sure each pedal work in an independent route and most importantly choose a power supply with real independent output free from ground loop troubles. Well, here is JOYO JP-04 right made for you!
JOYO JP-04 is an isolated power supply available for guitar pedals. It uses a high-quality R transformer. It has eight 9V outputs with independent power cable and ground wire, each output is completely isolated, short-circuits and overcurrent protected, highly filtered and regulated, This ensures reliable operation, free of hum and noise. It will provide you with a clean and transparent sound.

The JP-04 isolated power supply could be working on the pedal board without any problems because of its small size, and to greatly save your space on the board we have also made a pedal board named “RD-B2” specially, with its mounting space big enough for power supply JP-04 underneath and the hollow slatted design makes it easy to run cables and work perfectly.