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Boss PW-3 Wah

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this Boss PW-3 Wah

Compact, Versatile, and Built like a BOSS!

Sweetwater guitarists dig the BOSS PW-3 Wah effects pedal! There's a reason BOSS pedals have been around since the beginning of guitar effects. Their ground-breaking technology and bullet-proof design has constantly made many of their designs among the highest-selling pedals in the industry. The PW-3 is no different. Along with BOSS reliability, you get two switchable wah voicings, side-mounted on/off LEDs, and a comfortable compact size. Keep your precious pedalboard real estate open with the BOSS PW-3 Wah.

BOSS PW-3 Wah Pedal at a Glance:

  • Two switchable voicings for a modern or vintage sound
  • Compact and pedalboard friendly design
  • Legendary BOSS reliability

Two switchable voicings for a modern or vintage sound

Wah sounds like wah...right? Wrong! There about as many wah pedal designs and voicings as there are guitars. Generally guitarists fall into one of two camps. You tend to either perfer a new finely-tuned sound with ultimate clarity, or you want that classic sweep of some of the most classic wahs in history. The PW-3 gives you both! Its unique Rich mode retains low-end fullness, eliminating the thiner tone of other wah designs. Flip the rear-panel switch and now you're into Vintage mode for that familiar classic wah sound.

Compact and pedalboard friendly design

One drawback to wah pedals is that they are almost always pedalbaord hogs. Some companies have fought this with smaller designs. But unlike other pedals that sacrifice feel and functionality when trimmed down, the PW-3's streamlined design strikes the perfect balance between practicality and playability. Its die-cast aluminum chassis is solid and substantial underfoot, and the long, smooth pedal action is highly responsive and feels great.

Legendary BOSS reliability

What is there left to be said about the reliability of BOSS effects pedals? There are literally players that have had the same BOSS pedal on their board for over twenty years, without any modifications or repairs. The PW-3 wah pedal is absolutely as tough. For products that are intended to be stomped on, they better be built to take it night after night, gig after gig, stomp after stomp. The BOSS PW-3 wah pedal definitely is.

BOSS PW-3 Wah Pedal Features:

  • Rugged, multi-voiced wah pedal in a compact design
  • Modern and vintage voicings dial in your tone
  • Streamlined design balances size and functionality
  • Built to last years and years
  • LED lights let you know when the pedal is engaged
  • Low-noise design

Condition: New

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