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Garrett Park Guitars

This guitar is in our Hall of Fame Collection and is no longer available for purchase.


For your consideration is this 1999 PRS Dragon 2000 Prototype #6 finished in Vintage Yellow.

PRS Guitars, in Stevensville MD, set the collectible guitar world on fire with its first Dragon in 1992. These first 50 Dragon I's were snapped up by collectors and remain hard to find and sought after by collectors worldwide. PRS subsequently produced two other Dragons that were made in 1993 and 1994. These were the Dragon II and Dragon III and 100 were made of each model. Though well received the II and III did not become as collectible as the Dragon I. Fast forward to 1999, and the end of the Millennium when PRS launched the Dragon 2000, again a model limited to 50 pieces. This time however PRS decided to ask its inlay contractor, Pearlwork's of Charlotte Hall Maryland, to inlay a Dragon onto the body using 242 pieces of mastodon ivory, rhodonite, agoya, coral, onyx, sugilite, chrysacola, red, green, and pink abalone and paua. This Dragon, with its Brazilian Rosewood neck and fingerboard and 22 fret McCarty specifications once again caught the eye of collectors and established itself as a collectible to rival the original Dragon I.

Our guitar is a prototype of the series and was built to be displayed at the 2000 NAMM show in Anaheim CA. To date we have never seen another one in Vintage Yellow. Fast forward to 2013... We bought this guitar from a former employee of Pearlworks who purchased it from them after Pearlworks got these from PRS. It has remained all these years in virtually unplayed condition and is one of the most fabulous of all the Dragons we have ever seen. The flame maple top is deep and beautifully figured with an incredible flame top. The case is also very clean and we have the packing slip that came from PRS to Pearlworks when the guitar was shipped.

This is an incredible collectible PRS, and one for the collection.

Serial: 9 41138

Comes with Original PRS Black Leather Artist Hardshell Case and Packing Slip!

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