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1962 National Val-Trem Amp Model 1240

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For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1962 National Val-Trem Amp Model 1240.

 One for the amp collectors out there, this rare 1962 Val-Trem amp is in great shape and sounds the part to boot. It has had a few replaced caps over the years and a new 3-prong plug installed but is otherwise original with the dual 10" Jensen speakers dating to 1962. 

Lauded for their lush, pulsating tremolo and unique breakup, these amps were only produced for a short time before going the way of the dodo. The two channels each have their own character with more headroom available on channel 1 and great breakup tones from the hotter 2nd channel. For a unique amp dripping with character, look no further!

Serial Number: T79936

Condition: Very Good

This amp is on consignment so trades are not advised.

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